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English hardwoods

Most of our timber is sourced from well managed local estates and woodlands. Timber can be supplied for Oak framing, furniture – indoors and outdoor, wood turning, fencing, house building and hardwood flooring.

We supply many English Hardwoods such as: ash, chestnut, elm, oak, lacewood (London plane), walnut, yew, sycamore, 

We also supply fruit wood such as apple, pear , cherry etc

Please note not all species of timber are available all the time, stock changes daily

Air Dried Woodturning blanks direct to you at trade prices.

If you require Pen blanks we can supply these in English hard woods. Please contact us to purchase.

£20.00 £25.00
Box of Miniatures These are small blanks 2,3 inch diameter by 2,3,4 inch thick These are the best of the best, Spalted, figured, marbled etc Very nice blanks and ideal for making small boxes etc.