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Making a feature

Posted by Paul @ home of wood
This Blog will be just a start of things to come and I hope I can get some well known turners to have their input as well.

We have seen a huge increase in people taking wood turning up as a hobby, its a great hobby to have and it will have you hocked for life. Like with most hobbies you have a lot to learn. 

This blog is about making a feature in a bowl . A wood blank with a crack in or knot is NOT a defect .

These can be made into a feature and look stunning and most of the time it will sell for 50% more.

As I have mention this is just a start of a big article and I hope to bring you a lot more info on this subject. Please keep an eye on this blog for more to come.

Please take your time to watch the following video its a great video and gives you some idea. You can see more of Adams work here on twitter  or by visiting his webiste .

To be continued .

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8 inch and under
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8 inch and under
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